Bara Banghal – An Isolated Valley

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The Dhauladhar range rises steeply from the Kangra valley and gives a quick access to the Himalaya. Bara Banghal is one of the most enchanting regions of the Dhauladhar range, enveloped by several high passes, glaciers and few peaks.


Spectacular views, alpine meadows aplenty, gushing streams and glacial lakes. There is all there! It is in this region that Ravi river emerges from the glaciers and through a gorge goes to village Holi and then to Chamba.


The Bara Bangahal remains in isolation for about 6 months and is approachable only when the passes open. Those trapped inside have to remain there for the whole winter, although there is electricity and a well-run primary school. Most people of the valley shift from the Bara Bangahal valley to Kangra during winters.


Access to Bara Banghal through Holi village is not easy. One of the routes is to get in or get out along the Ravi gorge, which is difficult and dangerous. The villagers use it. When you traverse this route, you are straight 500m above the gorge. There is also an alternate – a well-trodden Thamser Jot, probably the most popular route to enter the Bara Banghal valley.


Bara Banghal Trek

The Bara Banghal Trek is sure to take your breath away. The hike begins with Nikora pass which is a steep climb followed by a steep descent on the Kugti side. The descent from the Nanun Nala has a magnificent view of Chamba Kailash (5656 m) at distance.


From the green grass, to rocks, high barren ridges, the trek is a true test of body and mind. Why do we go there then? It is only there you will find out. When you are here, come prepared. It is one of the unfrequented trails; there’s hardly anyone else there except the occasional shepherd and his herd.

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