Drowned Town Bilaspur: 5 Things to Know

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Bilaspur is a town lost to the creation of a hydroelectric dam.

1. On construction of Bhakhra Dam, the old town was submerged in lake thus formed by the backwater popularly known as “Govind Sagar Lake”. When old town submerged, people had to leave their homes and hearths and shifted to New Bilaspur.


2. The new, relocated town is located at a distance of 85 kilometer North-West of Shimla, on the bank of river Satluj.  Located on Chandigarh, Manali National Highway-21, Bilaspur acts as a transit spot and a gateway to the Great Himalayas.


3. The town gets its name from Rishi Vyas. According to the legends, Rishi Vyas had meditated here, in a cave (popularly known as Vias Gufa) on the left bank of river Satluj.


4. It is sometimes referred to as “Mini-Chandigarh of Hills” as it is surrounded by seven hills namely Naina Devi, Kot, Tuini, Bandla, Jhingiar, Ratanpur and Bahadurpur.


5. The erstwhile rulers of Bilaspur hailed from Chanderwanshi Rajputs, who ruled in Chanderi in the Bundelkhand region, which now forms part of Guna District in Madhya Pradesh.


Source: himachal.gov.in


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