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Birds of Himalaya

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It is not often that Himachal Pradesh is associated with bird-watching, although there is a small band of enthusiasts having a flair for the activity. There are mountains teeming with exotic birds and sanctuaries boasting rare breeds that delight visiting ornithologists.
The state is the resting place for approximately 1200 birds, besides many hundred migratory species that make home season by season.


A keen birdwatcher Tapan Punetha says, “Bird-watching – spotting and identifying bird species – is more than just a hobby to me. It feels very rewarding and relaxing to observe and photograph birds. It is a game of patience; you have to sit, listen and be very patient for just a glimpse.”


Here’s a sneak peek into his birding activities


Himalaya is the best possible place for observing birdlife owing to expansive valleys and pastures, and also quiet environment.


Greenish warbler

Birding enthusiasts, those who often travel long distances at great expense to catch through their binoculars, are known as Twitchers.


Red-billed blue magpie

Morning is the ideal time for watching birds; it is quiet and no one around.


Himalayan black-lored tit

Most birdwatchers identify birds by their call first, and only later by sight.


Indian roller

Himachal Pradesh’s state bird is Jujurana, or Western tragopan, a medium-sized brightly plumed pheasant.




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