Cafe Culture in Manali

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Go to Manali for adventure, trekking or leisure, and while you are there, don’t forget to check out its many cafés. It’s an experience that is truly Manali in every sense. Today, cafés in Manali are re-defining the café culture. There are no-more standard menus and setups, unlike cafes of the old.


Warmth, hospitality-at-best and all that is needed to set the intention for a relaxed feeling.


Café 1947 is one such hot spots among locals and tourists alike. Located at a prime location in the small town by the riverside, Café 1947 is just the perfect place to sip on beverages and savour food. In the evenings, it’s a popular spot for young music enthusiasts, who meet and mingle with other guests, while playing live music at the same time. An eclectic environment for the young and free.



Ankit Sharma, proud owner of the café, is passionate about the business and has wasted no time to dish out a unique cuisine for guests. He feels the timing could not have been more right to have a dedicated business in food and culture. Hear it from the man himself.


Change over the years

There has been an immense upsurge in the café culture. It is so fresh and breathtaking even now. When I go to setup kitchens in Delhi, I see new places with such themes that I can’t even imagine.


Theme of Café 1947

1947 depicts freedom. We, here, believe food and music are the gateways to enlightening ourselves. The theme revolves mostly around music, as we (me and my brother) are musicians. Moreover, we can get inspired from anything. From the TV series we are watching to a conversation with a stranger. A café is a very personalised concept, and there is always so much room to experiment. We are always brainstorming to bring out the best experiences for our guests at Café 1947.



Café 1947 on a regular day

The best part is that as Manali is a tourist place, we do not know when people are coming. So we are ready every day. Otherwise, we also have music nights every week.


An environment to relax, breathe and forget worries

If you come to café 1947, it would make me happy. We believe in enjoying life – eat, drink and be merry, lots of laughter and joking, and this is what life is. This is what we are doing here. I am here all the time. If people want to come and talk about food then we can, if they want to talk about what is going on, then we can do that as well. When they want to play music, we join in. We are creating an environment to relax, breathe, and forget worries. I want people to fall in love with café 1947.


A regular day

Most of my time (14-15 hours) is spent in the café. So in operations, there is always some problem somehow. So one can never get bored. Haha! The imperfections are what keeps us living. I believe passion is very natural. It never feels like I’m working, and none of it pressure-induced.


What’s special on the menu

We have a brief and precise menu. So, everything is special, made to delight customers.








If you want to have some fun in Manali, you know where to go!

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