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Next Travel Destination Himachal!

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Is unwinding break on your mind? Also, are you not keen on following the tradition of heading to Goa but instead mountains to slack off? Look no further than Himachal Pradesh.

Instagram and Facebook would have given you a sense of the charm this northern state of India possesses. Here’s what makes Himachal Pradesh an ideal retreat.


Dwellings Untouched by Civilization

We, like all millennials, have grown up in the age of digitalisation, commercialisation and globalisation. Day in and day out, we see the evisceration environment getting and cultures are squashed in the name of cheap, brief, economic growth. The world is still colourful out there but may be it is next in line for the bleaching process.

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Reign of the Nature

It is not a soul-crushing tourist trap like most travel destinations around the globe, rather the exact opposite – liberating. It’s a natural wonder! The places are wild to make you feel the most alive you have been, throwing adventures at you one after another. If nature and quiet comfort is your kind of holiday, it’s the place.

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Amazing Hospitality

Travelling is rewarding, to say least. One of the most rewarding things here will be the welcoming and warmth you’ll get. The dynamics and interactions will be as deep and fulfilling. The great people you’ll meet will leave an indelible mark on your psyche.

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Places to go in summer

Great Himalayan National Park – Bounded by Himalayas from all the sides, sprawling lush meadows and post-card villages.

Pangi – One of the most secluded, the mysterious Chamba valley awaits!

Spiti – You would want to see it before it all turns into another Leh. You could be explore and spend time for so much less money!

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Bara Bhangal – Experience life in the rugged backcountry. Know-how of hiking and camping would help.

Dodra and Kwar – Unravel the mysteries of two remotest villages that got connected through a motorable road only a few years back.

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