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Folk Songs of Himachal Pradesh: Kangra Chapter

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The folk music of Himachal Pradesh reflects its rich cultural heritage and the glorious history. It unearths a fresh stream of rich cultural heritage lying dormant in the lap of mid-Himalayas. The stream which has been able to preserve its history in the form of folk music of Himachal Pradesh.

The people who are witness to such natural beauty boasting rich artistic history find their voice through music and dance. These Himalayan form of dances are very rhythmic, which instills joy and happiness in the atmosphere while encouraging the people to work hard. Each region of Himachal Pradesh has its own typical dances and dance-songs which reflect the culture of that area.

Manorma Sharma, in her book Musical Heritage of India, writes, “In every region of Himachal Pradesh, there are songs for every occasion from birth to death, at social and religious ceremonies, fairs, festivals, rituals, seasons, while doing some work, sowing the seeds, harvesting and while playing, dancing, etc. Each type of song has its peculiarity of expression, feelings and aspirations.” 

Here are a few songs that we have put together to give glimpse of Himachal Pradesh’s cultural heritage:

The role of Sunil Rana, the popular folk singer of Himachal Pradesh, is instrumental in reviving Gaddi culture and its rich heritage through their music.

The wedding songs are full of joy and happiness, whereas the songs sung at the time of departure of the bride are heart rending. They are full of feelings of separation from the parent’s home to the in-law’s house,” writes Manorama Sharma

The following song is about a girl’s love for a peacock. Very melodious and powerful song, it speaks volumes about Himachali’s love for the nature.


In the following song, a roadside romeo flirts with a girl in the Shimla market. It’s a playful flirt and the girls seems to have liked it.


Ik Joda Soote Da (Full Video Song)



Please suggest us more songs and we will keep expanding list.

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