Fresh Himachali Folk Music you should Listen to

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Folk songs weave a seamless narrative of heritage, culture and communities.


Mountain Music Project dips into the well of musical memory of Himachal, reviving folk songs from the past.



Sambu is a song from the perspective of a Gaddi’s wife and what all she thinks while her Shepherd husband is away. From describing his dress to being concerned about him to even asking him to stay just a bit longer and have his meal before he leaves, this song perfectly captures their life, their romance.


The group’s Western approach makes traditional music relevant for contemporary world. Use of electronics, modern instruments and soundscapes put contemporary stamp on the songs.


Tu Shune Tara Ladiye

Tu shune tara ladiye has long echoed in the valleys of Kullu and Manali. The husband sings to his wife Tu Shune Tara Ladiye (Listen my Love) in admiration about her smile and how everything else fades away in comparison.

May be a contemporary spin on traditional music is need of the hour. We hope such initiatives spark a passion for Himachal music for generations to come.

The day is not far when Himachal’s diversity will be represented by rich spread of talents like Mountain Music Project.




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