Most Popular Folk Songs of Himachal

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Folk music has always existed in Himachal Pradesh in various cultural forms and languages. We’ve shortlisted some of the very best songs of Himachal folk music (not in any order)


Mai Ne Meriye 

“Mai Ni Meriye” is a song about a girl longing for her lover who is away. It goes like:

“Mai ne meriye (Hey, my mother)
Shimle di raahe, Chamba kitni durr (How far is Chamba from Shimla – where her beloved is)
O Shimle ni vasna, Kasauli ni vasna (I don’t want to settle in Shimla, nor Kasauli)
Chambe jaana zarur (I must go to Chamba)”

Here’s Mohit Chauhan’s cover of the song



Morni is about a mother-daughter conversation. It starts like:

“Amma puchhdi  (A mother asks her daughter)
Sun dhiye meriye (Hey daughter)
Dubali itni tu kiyaan kaari hoyi ho (Why have you become so lean?)”

Here’s Karnail Rana singing the song for you:


Kali Gaghri

It is a song from Mandi/Kangra region. Do listen


Aj Chatradi O Kal Rakha Mela

It is a Gaddi song. Gaddi is a shepherd tribe of nomadic herders who keep on moving with their sheep herds through the year in Himalayas in search of grazing land.

Here’s a version featured in MTV Sound Trippin


Kunjo Chanchlo

This masterpiece comes from the Kangra valley. It starts “Kapde dhovan nale rovan, Kunjua…” A dialogue between Kunju and Chanchalo. While washing clothes, Chanchalo finds button of Kunju’s shirt and that reminds her of him. Likewise, Chanchalo’s handkerchief and ring remind him of her. Listen to the song in Anuradha Paudwal’s melodic voice.



A Kinnauri Nati


A Sirmauri Nati

This is song about Raja of Sirmaur whose seat is at Nahan


Sai Sai Mat Kar Raviye by Roshan

This song is about River Raavi that flows between Himachal and Jammu Kashmir, before entering Punjab.

Song in your head? Do tell to add to this list.


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