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5 Stereotypes about Himachal you should turn a deaf ear to

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People judge people. Many judge many incorrectly. Let’s not get into judging explanation here, but straight to the point.


Himachal’s cuisine is Apple!

Haha! Just because you see Himachal Apples on every single apple carton, it does not imply apple is our staple. Our day-to-day food is similar to the rest of North India which includes rice, dal, sabji and chappati. P.S. – We love apples!

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We are the potheads!

You are so wrong there! Just because highly spoken about Malana Cream, the hash that is home to Malana, near Kasol in Manali, not everyone does it or carries it in their pocket all the time.


Mountain life is easy…!

Really? Life in hills is simple, and yet not! It is not as breezy, easy, rosy as it looks. Don’t go by those pictures on the internet. People are often isolated from one another, have to walk on foot for miles, are plagued with landslides, washouts or avalanches and had to go through many hardships. We adjust to their implacable environments and incursions from the greedy of the world. Sounds simple?

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Himachal or Winter Pradesh?

Ahem! We take pride of having most beautiful, snowcapped ranges of western Himalaya. However, it doesn’t spread across the map of Himachal. We do not have a single climate and it’s not cold everywhere.

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Mongolians, almost!

Most people from the Himachal Pradesh don’t have Mongolian features. Although, it doesn’t make any sense! It’s derogatory to ask someone why they don’t have the typical look.

Chaini Kothi

We don’t care about it. Stereotype, what?


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