Himachali Cuisine from Sherry’s Kitchen

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Communities around the globe celebrate culture via its cuisine. Himachal’s status as a culinary destination is little known, but has risen considerably in recent years. Here’s a chance to savour some of the most mouth-watering preparations in this northern state of India.


Sherry Malhotra, who has an authority on Himachali cuisine, shares with us a wealth of flavours and delicacies on offer in Himachal Pradesh.


Chaa Meat: A mutton preparation in buttermilk


Arabi (Colcassia) ki Sabji


Budanecka Meetha


Chukh: A cross between pickle and chutney from Chamba Valley


Lungdu ki sabji


Himachali Feast


We thank Sherry for promoting the diversity, creativity and multi-cultural nature of Himachal’s culinary offerings. Sure, there is a potential to make a lasting impact on not just the local, but regional and even international food scene.


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