Way Back Home Series Unravels The Himalayas at Best

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There are countless adrenaline-charging tales and travelogues of ‘Journey through Himalayas”! The Himalayan region – a vast space, great variety of cultures, landscapes and travel conditions – just seems like the obvious go-to for an adventurous ride.


Way Back Home is one such beautiful yet kickass ride through the Himalayas! It is a first person narrative that covers an entire diaspora of activities, from travel and adventure to music and lifestyle and more.


Don’t miss this most beautiful travelogue I have seen. Through our Himalayas.

— Anurag Kashyap


What makes this travelogue contrasting and unalike rest is the season of choice – winter. Not many choose to document the Himalayas during winter time. In fact, it is next to impossible but for Rohan Thakur, the series director, it is the most amazing time to be in the mountains!


The journey begins from Manali which happens to be his hometown. Further, he explores various valleys viz. Kangra, Chamba, Kinnaur, Spiti, Lahaul and far-flung regions of Leh-Ladakh.



In one of the webisodes, Kinnaur is captured at its lively best. During the holi festival, the streets are alive with people playing with each other with great fervour. Music, dancing and feasting never stops! Watch for yourself



Another interesting part of the series is when Rohan & Co. did the unimaginable by crossing the Rohtang Pass on foot during winter. To cross Rohtang (translates to ‘Roh’ – Death and ‘Thang’ – Land) pass in winter, there is a government’s chopper service which doesn’t work out. They walk down to the other side for about 2 hours to reach Gramphu, where the road opens again.


Talking to MTV Indies, Rohan describes the experience as “Way Back Home has been a life changing, mind bending, eye opening, testing all your limits kind of experience! I have felt the cold (literally), the thrill, the adrenaline, the magic, the otherworldly, the fear, the breath taking, the vastness, the serenity, the emptiness, the mammoth-ness, and the mystical, mythical, magnetic, majestic energy of the Himalayas and of the people that live there.”


Sure, you will get immersed in Himalayan way of life many times while watching it.


To watch the entire series, click Way Back Home Web Series

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