All The Reasons You Need to Visit Kasauli This Summer

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Kasauli town is situated in the outer Himalayas, at an altitude of 1920 metres above the sea level. Kasauli hills boasts unforgettable panoramic views, soothing climate and colonial heritage. Here are 5 good reasons to pay a visit.


Enchanting Views

Located on crest of hill, Kasauli boasts panoramic view of extremely opposite geophysical natural landscapes on either side of hills in north, east and south as well as plains in the west. Monkey Point, the highest hill in the town, is the place to go to for an uninterrupted view of the Punjab and the Haryana Plains and mountainside on the opposite horizon.



Seeking abode in calm, quiet, pleasant and clean environ away from hustle bustle? Un-spoilt Kasauli is the answer; an ideal environment for peace seekers.


Vestiges of Colonial Heritage

Kasauli is bestowed with status of a rare treasure of built heritage. The history of town dates back to 1842, the year of establishment of the famed Sanawar School. Built in 1844, the Christ Church is a lovely masterpiece of the colonial cultural heritage. During year 1850, Kasauli was chosen as a site for a British Cantonment. The Kasauli Brewery, now known as Mohan Meakins Breweries, was set up in 1873. The Church of England, the Station Commander’s Office Building and the old Kasauli club are other structures that manifest the British culture.


Salubrious Climate

Kasauli is not just for its natural beauty and the vestiges of the past, the salubrious climate has a soothing effect on heat stroked people from the plains.


Geographic Diversity

The region is spread over the Outer Himalayas and the Shivaliks. The Northern slopes have higher gradient and a dense forest cover. Eastern slopes are sunny and comparatively more developable than the Northern ones.


Green Cover

Kasauli Hills are covered with conifers and many varieties of coniferous or deciduous trees, but Chil trees (Pinus Longifolia) dominate. The strange thing is that there no particular time the forests are absolutely bare.



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