Kinner Kailash: The Winter Abode of Shiva

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Kinner Kailash, also called Kinnaur Kailas, stands overlooking Kalpa town, the District Headquarters of Kinnaur. Being one of the 5 prestigious Kailash yatras, Kinner Kailash holds a lot of religious significance for Hindus and Buddhists alike. Kinner Kailash Peak is considered the winter abode of Lord Shiva.


Śiva is beyond human perception. Every atom that exists in the universe has Śiva component (God particle) in it. Without Śiva component, nothing can exist. Śiva is the soul (cause) of every being, without which, no being can ever exist. – Śaivaism


Kinner Kailash pilgrimage starts by July end and can be done in the august month. Pilgrims take a logical route to reach this holy rock, undertaking the journey in clockwise direction. The Kinner Kailash parikrama can be done in a span of 2 to 3 days. Also known as Kinner Kailash yatra, the pilgrimage is organized by Kinner Kailash Yatra Committee, Reckong Peo. The volunteers make special arrangements in the most holy period – 10 days before Janmashtmi –making available food and shelter for devotees at the base camp, Ganesh Park.


Śiva is the Absolute. There is nothing beyond Him, Nobody knows His origin and He does not have a parentage. He is both ādi (from the beginning) and anādi (existence from eternity). He is the cause of the universe and He is omnipresent. He pervades the entire universe through its length and breadth. There is not even a single place where He is not present. He is present in all pure things and impure things, all good things and all bad things. – Śaivaism


The holy peak of Kinner Kailash has a Kinner Kailash Shivlingam, a 79-feet vertical rock lingam / monolithic pillar. It lies north of Jorkanden, the highest peak in the Kinner-Kailash range. Kinner Kailash peak and Jorkanden peak are often confused for one another. On a sunny day, one can admire and make the distinction between the two comfortably far from Kalpa.


From time to time many a mountaineer and devotees alike have now and then ventured to plod on pilgrimage. It is a spiritual-cum-exhilarating experience which those take remembers for life. Jorkanden has been climbed by the I.T.B.P IN 1974 and by the Indian Para Regiment in 1978. The pass accessible on the trek is the Charang La, which has earned a reputation of one of the toughest treks in Himachal Pradesh.

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