The Chronicles of Malana

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Malana is a quaint, little Himalayan hamlet that gives the impression of another world! Seclusion is one of the reasons; for years the natives had a little contact with outside world.

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What makes Malana strange but thrilling for an outsider? There must be some reason that the likes of The History Channel, National Geographic and Discovery channels have made programs on how these folks preserve their history and culture.


Believe it or Not

There is an interesting theory about the origin of Malana. People of Malna are touted to be remnants of Alexander’s Army who are stuck in India since his invasion in the 4th century BC. You won’t find books on the subject but this spoken, strange theory lives!


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The Infamous Weed

The place is best known for Malana Cream, touted as the world’s most potent marijuana. The natives spend their days cultivating, selling and smoking the infamous weed. Their livelihood depends on weed cultivation. Strangely, they don’t consider it as a potential source of a world famous drug but just a plant.


M Cream is an upcoming feature film that follows the exploits of four friends who set out on a journey to the far reaches of the Himalayas, in search of a mythic drug. You gotta watch this one


Your Rule Book for Malana

  • The natives keep distance from modern civilisation and don’t like their local customs and traditions changed.
  • A native can provide you food or other supplies but never receives from you.
  • Don’t step inside their home or temples.
  • Don’t expect they are up for a chit-chat. First, they don’t care much about outsiders. Second, they only converse in Kanashi, a language like no other local languages in the region.


Sure, Malana will give you a high!


How to get to Malana – Board a bus to Kullu. Get down at Bhuntar and take a bus to Jari. From Jari, you have to book a taxi to Malana.


Photos by basoo! / Flickr