A Heritage Village on the edge of the Himalayas

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Heritage is an expression of Indian culture. Pragpur-Garli zone in Kangra is one such indelible parts holding onto the essence of rich history, in the form of historical havelis and houses.


India’s first Heritage Village

The village of Pragpur, declared as India’s first Heritage Village in December 1997, is rich in architectural, artistic and historical buildings. The historical treasures give a glimpse of various architectural styles, notably Kangra, Rajput, colonial and Portuguese.


The history of the Pragpur dates back to the late 16th century. The Kuthiala Soods built the village in memory of Princess Prag Dei of the Jaswan Royal family. They were the merchants who traded timber.

Shared by Arushee Sharma (arushee0012) on Instagram
Shared by Arushee Sharma (arushee0012) on Instagram

The Judge’s Court

Pragpur’s chief attraction is The Judge’s Court (once known as Judge Saheb ki Kothi), the 300-year-old ancestral home of Vijai and Rani Lal. It has now been converted into a posh resort. The Taal at Pragpur is known for its heritage value. This is an ancient pond which dates back to1868.

Sometimes the way things were is better than the way things are

The man behind preservation of the ancient glory of the village is Vijai Lal, great grandson of Bhandari Ram Kuthiala. We salute your efforts to strengthen cultural vitality and preserve heritage!


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