Shangarh in Kullu will Ignite your Wanderlust

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In the Sainj region of Kullu lies a postcard-pretty village called Shangarh. The scenic alpine meadows here are no less than Switzerland’s famed pastures!

Shangharh is enveloped between the Shensar, Shangharh and Shaktimaror peaks in Sainj valley in Himachal Pradesh. At 6,300 feet above sea level, it is the largest meadow near the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP).


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Shangarh is another world. That kind of place you would think of giving up everything and settle here! Having a home here is nothing short of a gift from the Gods.

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Apart from scenic splendor, Shangarh is spectacularly rich in culture. A temple of Shangchul Mahadev, a local diety, stands in the middle of the grassland. The local deity resides in this temple during the festive season. Here’s a sneak peak of the village’s festival

If your itinerary allows time for hiking, you can explore quite a lot around.


How to Reach Shangarh

Getting to Shangarh is a pleasure, from driving the quiet but bumpy road with spectacular views, to getting awed by beautifully constructed houses. There are two ways you can get to Shangarh

  • Take motorable road from Ropa, 7 kilometres ahead of Sainj. Avoid the road during rains.
  • Take a hike from Neuli, 12 kilometres ahead of Sainj. The trail of around 4-5 kilometres takes 3-4 hours to reach the village


Where to Stay at Shangarh

Above the village of Shangarh, there is a Forest Rest House. The balcony gives a good view of the village and the mountains surrounding the valley. If weather remains clear, you can also see Kheerganga range at distance.

Caretaker Lagan Chand’s Contact – 9816667174

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