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The Amazing Wildlife of Spiti

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Spiti valley serves as the boon for the wildlife lovers, blessed with the good population of elusive snow leopards and other wildllife. Here’s a series 14 banners Snow Leopard – India‏ made and put up across Spiti, an initiative in association with State Forest Department, Himachal Pradesh.


Snow Leopard

snow leopard2

Majestic and elusive. Also, very curious! Snow leopard




Ibex form an important part of this ecosystem. They inhabit the more rugged regions of the valley, and are often seen in the cliffs. The ibex are found in the most rugged terrain, mostly in the cliffs of the Pin Valley National Park.


Blue Sheep

blue sheep

Blue sheep are found across the valley. Their numbers are stable and form the primary prey base of large carnivores in Spiti.




Wolves are key predators of this region. Probably even the rarest carnivore to see.


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Spiti is also home to unique bird species. Like this lammergeier who play an important role in this landscape.


Red Fox


The red fox is commonly seen across #Spiti. They have a curious habit of looking back as they walk along their path.


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