Spiti Is the Best Place to Travel Solo Right Now

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Solo travel doesn’t serve any purpose if you are unable to make friends out of plain strangers all through, immerse yourself in the land and its culture. If you haven’t travelled solo yet but such is your idea, then look no further than Spiti!


Rudyard Kipling on Spiti “Surely the Gods live here! This is no place for men.”


Here’s an excerpt from a Rudyard Kipling’s legendary novel, Kim. It is about a a young boy Kim who travels on the Hindustan-Tibet road to Spiti

Kim looked through binoculars. He was awestruck and said to his companion Lama:
“Surely the Gods live here!” said Kim beaten down by silence and appalling sweep and dispersal of the cloud-shadows after rain. “This is no place for men.”
The wise Lama lowered his binoculars and quietly said, ‘Look down a little. Tourists also live here. This is a place for men too! Who goes to the Hills goes to his mother.’

Those who have been to Leh-Ladakh, they will agree Spiti is more dream-like than the multi- hued void of Ladakh. Remote and detached, Spiti has never had justice done to its mesmerising rockscape and admirable beauty.


The beautiful roads, spectacular landscapes, expansive skyscapes, centuries-old Tibetan monasteries, pristine lakes and difficult-to-match hospitality make Spiti a go-to destination for those considering travelling solo.


Dhankar Gompa
Dhankar village gets its name from an ancient monastery belonging to the Gelugpa sect of Buddhism – one of the oldest monasteries – Dhankar Gompa. Sitting at the top of the village, the monastery is surrounded by barren mountains. It houses a statue of Vairochana (Dhyana Buddha) and gamut of ancient artifacts within a small museum in the premises. If you don’t mind a short hike, uphill trek from Dhankar Monastery along the Spiti River takes you to a glacial lake called Dhankar Lake.

dhankar spiti


Chandra Taal
Chandra Taal, translates to the Lake of the Moon, or Chandratal lake, is jaw-droppingly impressive! The sun shining on the turquoise waters and reflection of surrounding mountains is a sight to behold.


Key Monastery
Key monastery is the most beautiful monastery you will ever see! Dating back to the 11th century, Key Gompa is the largest monastery in Spiti. A visit here is soul-stirring and sure to leave indelible impression on your psyche.

key monastery


Pin Valley
Not all of Spiti is a cold mountain desert. Come away from brown bareness of the Himalayas in Spiti to Pin Valley for a green oasis. The true beauty of Pin Valley is pure and peaceful natural surroundings.


There are some journeys that you must do once in a lifetime; Spiti trip is definitely one of them.

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