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Type of Traveller: Adventure Junkie Or Peace Seeker?

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There is always something thrilling about travel. We all have our travel antics that set us all apart. Unravel the kind you are!


Are you one of those who venture out on hearing call of the wild, exploring national parks and wildlife reserves is your game or your photos echo nature wanderlust, then you are a Nature Wanderluster.


You are a Solo Traveller if being with yourself is the best company you can have. You don’t want opinions, but only self-discover. You like challenging journeys only because it rewards you immensely.

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Is travelling not a once-in-a-while affair for you? You don’t travel to destress, you don’t settle at one place and nothing ties you down. If you constantly seek possibilities to explore, you are a Nomadic Traveller.


When you travel, the adventure prospects at the place are the only thing that hits you. If you are the one who loves to ride the rugged roads, cycle in the mountains, climb biggest rocks, jump trenches, row in the rapids, bath beneath the springs, dive in the oceans or fly the gliders, you are an Adventure Junkie.

A Shower on the Pangi Ride. Photo: HarshManRai
Shower on the Pangi Ride. Photo: HarshManRai

If you are one of those who carry a heavy artillery of gadgets with you, travel around sharing stories on the go, or experience journeys capturing moments in DSLR and recorders, then you are a High-tech Traveller.


Seeker of culture, community and way of life! Do you make yourself home wherever you go, never travel like tourist and experience all destinations like a native inhabitant and make a lot of friends on travels? You are a Culture Vulture.


You are The Pilgrim if spirituality is what takes you to places. Medieval temples, sacred shrines, holy lakes and pilgrimages is what gets you going.


You take road trips with your near and dear ones. The themes or destination is not primary but having fun and making memories. You click a lot of pictures with those accompanying. These behaviours make you a Family Traveller.


You are The Escapist if you find solace in travel when labouring under worry or remorse. You find a healer in travel.



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