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Tip for Trekkers: Adventure can turn tragic

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Four guys are lost on the slopes of Shikari Devi.

They chose the worst day of the season to be there, the day it poured like hell.

Why would someone do this? When AccuWeather and IMD shows you hourly updates?

Snow? That doesn’t evaporate overnight, does it? You will get to see it when the weather clears.

Rescue? The first responders are poor Police chaps who don’t and can’t do anything because they’re not trained for it. They might as well spend weeks in the mountains and find nothing. Not their fault. They’re not trained for it.

These Tripotos and ScoopWhoops cant be blamed everytime for producing click baiting stories devoid of any factual data.

The thin line between Bravery and Stupidity is diminishing fast.

I remember a couple of days ago somebody asked me route towards Bhrigu Lake in December. Why the fuck would you want to go there in December? And a lot many such requests pouring in from every direction.

There’s a thing called Internet guys, make better use of it. Don’t risk your lives unnecessarily. The mountains will stay there forever. Like they’ve done since times immemorial.

Hope these kids survive.


– ­Tarun Goel

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